Mater Sideboard is a beautiful wooden sideboard with natural simplicity, designed by Søren Rose Studio for Mater. An elegant hand-built cabinet made in mango wood. The size of the cabinet allows you to place it anywhere in a room and due to the beautiful solid wooden backside it can even be freestanding. The attention to details such as the recessed lines in the cabinet doors makes the Mater Sideboard a simple yet refined piece of storage furniture. The mango cabinet is made from the wood of a fruit tree, making it sustainable. It is grown and tended for, and once the productive life of the tree is over, it is cut down and another one is planted. Incidentally, mango, as a fruit is widely consumed across the country hence the wood is plentiful.

Cabinet in mango wood, fronts in lacquered MDF
Natural / Sirka grey stain
W. 120 × D. 45 × H. 70 cm
01360 (Natural) / 01370 (Sirka grey stained)