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Kettle Thermo Jug, carbon.
Kettle Thermo Jug, ash.

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New Norm embraces two distinctive design philosophies: A Japanese, Zen-inspired quest for the simplest possible look and a modern Scandinavian focus on functionality. Two features so evidently shown in the Kettle Thermo Jug - a stylish design in discrete and subtle colours with an impressive functionality! Tests show that the contents of the jug stay hot for many hours: a beverage at a temperature of 95°C will, after 6 hours in a full jug in a 24°C room, still be 78°C hot. The jug is made of plastic, silicone and stainless steel with a glass insert, making it pleasing to touch and comfortable to use. The elegant steel indicator shows whether the jug is open or closed. A lot people all over the world use and enjoy the distinct features of Kettle Thermo Jug - amongst those, Danish all star restaurant, Noma.

Glass dewar, plastic, silicone, stainless steel
Ash / Carbon
Ø 20 × H. 22 cm

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