No more tangled up necklaces or scratched finger rings. The Jewellery Tree is ready to flaunt all your favourites and keep them safe at the same time. Designer Louise Christ wanted to solve the puzzle of tangled up jewellery and bathroom mess and today her solution, the Jewellery Tree, has won the coveted Red Dot design award and is one of Menu’s most successful products. Menu Jewellery Tree is a simple design that combines the feminine with a self-evident functionality that enhances something already beautiful. Finger rings, bracelets, chains and earrings all find their place on the jewellery tree, which is just as beautiful and sculptural as it is simple. Beautiful and well organised. The material is mirror-finished aluminium, which tolerate use while also having the necessary weight to carry your jewellery without tipping over.

Ø 13.5 × H. 26 cm
jewellery organiser

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