GoodNorm is a lovely 2-sided bed linen in washed cotton sateen. One side of the bed linen is plain-coloured while the other has fine small graphic patterns and details. From afar both sides appear to be plain-coloured but when you get at closer look all the fine details and shapes are revealed. GoodNorm comes in six different douched Scandinavian colours. The special wash provides the douched nuances and makes the bed covers even softer. All GoodNorm products are wrapped with out any use of plastic to protect the environment, and tested for all harmful substances according to the Oeko-Tex® standard to protect you. Sleep tight.

100% washed cotton sateen
Ash / Carbon / Cool grey / Moss green / Nude / Storm
S : 140 × 200 cm / 60 × 63 cm
L : 140 × 220 cm / 63 × 60 cm
bed linen  ·  pillowcase  ·  quilt cover

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