Felt Panel, Pin Board by Norm.Architects for Menu

Felt Panel, Pin Board.
Felt Panels.
Felt Panel Pin Board, detail.
Felt Panels with Flip Around tray table.

Description / details

Felt Panels are a multi-functional system serving many purposes. It's the perfect way to decorate your home while remembering all your appointments and keeping the noise down! The starting point is a simple, grey felt square. It can be used as a small notice board or as a decorative element. Although the shape and material is plain, the panels and forms can be combined in a variety of ways to create your own, unique wall design. You can use them as natural and functional details in your hallway, home office, kitchen / living room or anywhere else in your home, really. Besides the simple square shape you can also get a clock, a mirror, notice board units, a coat rack, a key holder or a letter holder - and then combine the Felt Panels to make this the place where all the important things go. And as for the noise? Well, Felt Panels were also designed with an acoustic aspect in mind. As modern homes are often characterised by hard noise the idea was to create soft elements that would help improve the home's acoustics and create a better indoor environment. The warmth of wood and felt gives the Felt Panels an unmistakably Nordic identity. The design is strict and sparse but the subtle roundness creates a softer look that balances the product's masculine and feminine aspects.

Synthetic felt, steel, wood
W. 30 × D. 5 × H. 30 cm

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