DWR Aerocotton Towel by Design Within Reach

DWR Aerocotton Towels, beige.
DWR Aerocotton Towels, cyan.
DWR Aerocotton Towels, gray.
DWR Aerocotton Towels, indigo.
DWR Aerocotton Towels, slate.
DWR Aerocotton Towels, white.
DWR Aerocotton Towel, white, detail.
DWR Aerocotton Towel, white, detail.
DWR Aerocotton Towels, white.
DWR Aerocotton Towels.

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Description + Details

DWR Aerocotton Towels are 100% Turkish cotton towels with natural and simple beauty, designed by Design Within Reach. These towels are crafted using an innovative spinning process that creates ultra-soft and wonderfully plush material. In addition, this process creates a larger surface area for the yarns, which translates into superior absorbency for you. DWR Aerocotton Towels are woven into a nice 700-gram weight (not too heavy, not too light) and then combed for extra softness. In keeping with a simple, modern aesthetic, there is no 'dobby' or decorative banner around these towels, and the functional tag doubles as a hanger. Even after repeated washings, these towels retain their fluffy appearance and soft touch. Machine washable.

Design Within Reach
100% Turkish cotton
Beige / Cyan / Gray / Indigo / Slate / White
Wash cloth
W. 12 × L. 12 in
W. 30.5 × L. 30.5 cm
Hand towel
W. 20 × L. 30 in
W. 50.8 × L. 76.2 cm
Bath towel
W. 28 × L. 55 in
W. 71.1 × L. 139.7 cm
Bath sheet
W. 40 × L. 70 in
W. 101.6 × L. 177.8 cm

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