Calabash by Komplot Design for Lightyears

Calabash P2 Silver pendant.
Calabash Silver pendants.
Calabash Gold pendants.
Calabash Gold pendant, close-up.
Calabash Black pendants.
Calabash Red pendant.
Calabash Red pendant.
Calabash pendants.

Description + Details

Calabash is real craftsmanship from interior to exterior. The organic form and the special chrome lacquered and iridescent surface gives the Calabash pendant a unique expression. The three sizes are inspired by the Calabash pumpkin and take the same recognisable shape - although not quite identical. The Calabash pendant creates atmosphere and is presents itself beautifully in clusters. The pendants are suitable for both cafes, restaurants, shops and in the private home, where a spectacular interior decoration is desired.

Komplot Design
Aluminium with chrome lacquer
Black / Gold / Red / Silver
P1 : Ø 15.8 × H. 21 cm
P2 : Ø 22.4 × H. 30.5 cm
P2 : Ø 34 × H. 48.5 cm
Light source
P1 : 30W max E27
P2 : 40W max E27
P3 : 100W max E27

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