Branca Table is a wooden dining table with a simple beauty, designed by Industrial Facility for Mattiazzi. The design process of the Branca range was strongly influenced by the merging of elaborate craftsmanship with robotics. The Branca table employs a similar language as its accompanying chair, it evolves from the intention to provide a soft and inviting surface, supported by four natural ash legs. To overcome the solidity of the legs a chamfer is cut, starting ⅔ of the way down. Available in two sizes, the Branca chairs can slip comfortably underneath the table or rest on top of it if necessary, for floor cleaning.

Top in natural ash wood or medium-density fibreboard; Base in solid ash
Natural / White + Natural
W. 59.1 × D. 43.3 × H. 29.9 in (W. 150 × D. 110 × H. 76 cm)
W. 70.9 × D. 43.3 × H. 29.9 in (W. 180 × D. 110 × H. 76 cm)