Ballpoint Pen by Minimalux

Ballpoint pen, palladium plated.
Ballpoint pen, palladium plated, detail.
Ballpoint pen, palladium plated, base detail.
Ballpoint pens.

Description / details

Ballpoint is a metal ballpoint pen with a simple aesthetic, designed by Minimalux. The classic desk pen has been designed with careful consideration to weight and balance. Fitted with the latest in ink technology it delivers a smooth and fluid line with every stroke. Ballpoint is precision machined from a single bar of solid brass and also available in plated finishes. The refill is replaced by removing the grub screw at the base of the pen with an hex key.

Black nickel / Brass / Palladium plated / Rose gold plated
Ø 0.5 × H. 5.5 in
Ø 1.2 × H. 14 cm

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