Array Chandelier JK1 by Jakob Staer, Jesper Kongshaug and Sofie Refer for &Tradition

Array Chandelier JK1, black.
Array Chandelier JK1, white.

Description / details

Array Chandelier JK1 is a minimalist chandelier, designed by Sofie Refer, Jakob Staer. and lighting designer Jesper Kongshaug for &Tradition. It has an angled base plate from which eight elongated pendants are suspended at varying heights. Each pendant has a silicone cable and a slim, acrylic tube ending in an LED light source. Kongshaug's experience with stage and architectural illumination is partly what makes Array such a technically advanced lighting solution. The piece as a whole casts a gentle diffused glow around the surrounding space, while the down light produces a precise and concentrated beam. The LED technology used in Array meets the current standards for energy-efficient, eco-friendly lighting. Array is modular and can be arranged in infinite variations; its function can range from decoration to a room dividing architectural element. Equally suited for public spaces, the contract market and private homes, it has the unique potential to be both extravagant and restrained. A shimmering cascade or a more solemn row of pendants - depending on individual needs and tastes.

Sofie Refer, Jesper Kongshaug, Jakob Staer
Lacquered aluminium, acrylic diffuser, silicon cord
Black / White
Canopy : W. 55 × D. 26 × H. 5 cm
Total max length 250 cm
Light source
8 × 2.5W LED

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